Decorate and Brighten up your Home with Indoor Plants

Your home is where your heart lies. The environment of our house affects our health and well-being; and plays a key role in our overall lifestyle. A truly beautiful home is one where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Hence, the idea of personalization of our home décor has increased through the years as more people recognize the need to customize their homes.

The right home décor can lift one emotionally and can improve our moods. Post pandemic, our homes are accommodating multiple facets of our loves- work, rest and play, accentuating the need to create a living space which can blend these elements into one. One great way to do this is to stay in touch with nature, enabling your environment to be happy and calm. You can easily buy indoor plants to bring that greenery inside your home.

Why keep indoor plants in your home?

  • They purify the air and absorbing toxins in the environment
  • They have a soothing aura and improve your mental well being
  • They boost your mood and improve concentration and productivity
  • They add color and liveliness to your home
  • Plants reduce stress and have a therapeutic effect on the residents

Home décor ideas using plants

  • Dressing up the dining table-

A centerpiece with mixture of greens and flowers would look lovely to give a festive look to your dining space during the holiday season.
  • Hanging by the windows-

Hanging plants add texture to your surroundings without taking up space and are a great way to make your living rooms or dresser come alive, giving them a Bohemian look.
  • Indoor garden look-

You can create volume by mixing and matching the variety and height of the plants and colors of the pots to create your own little Jungle in your home for a diverse effect. If you do not want to fixate on one plant and experiment with the look, this is the way to go.
  • The gateway to heaven-

A plant at the entrance induces a calming and welcoming effect. Practically, a low space occupying plant would easily fit into narrow corners.
  • The cabinet look-

Greenery on the shelves or cabinets looks appealing and can be used as furnishing. You can easily buy indoor plants India online to arrange your greens in the order of height on different levels of your shelf bars.
  • Sidekick to the sofa-

A tall plant next to your sofa can make that empty corner come alive and give your room a wholesome look.

Easily available indoor plants online

Here are some easy to manage and buy indoor plants you can add to brighten up your home.

  • Philodendron - adaptable indoor plant, fit for high shelves
  • Peace lily - visually attractive and cleansing, great for living rooms
  • ZZ plant - dry tolerant, symbol of friendship and prosperity
  • Snake plant - evergreen and air purifying, fit for bedrooms
  • Money plant -icon of prosperity, can be hung or used to cover grills

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