Philodendron Brasil

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Philodendron Brasil sprawls its fleshy stems with numerous blotched, yellow and green, heart-shaped leaves, each with a pointed tip that collects morning dew. This plant is a fast growing, tender evergreen vine. The waxy, juicy stems are reddish pink when young and deepen to a pink-orange before eventually turning light green. Along the stems are evenly spaced, glossy green, heart-shaped leaves with streaks or blotches of yellow that are most concentrated in the centre. The leaves have a very elongated tip, becoming very pointed, that catches the dew and collects it into drops. 

Dimensions: L x B x H ~ 8" x 8" x 10"
Growth Medium: Cocopeat
Pot: Round Plastic Pot

Basic Care Instuctions

Grow philodendrons just about anywhere. As houseplants they're that easy to keep!

Light: Indirect sunlight

Water: Twice a week

Feed: General purpose fertilizer once a month

Common Names

Heart Leaf Philodendron, Velvet Philodendron, Velvet Philodendron

Native Region

Central America

Botanical Name

Philodendron Hederaceum




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