About Us

Root Bridges began with the realization that our cities weren't giving us what they should - cleaner air and greener living spaces. As plant lovers, we found that most plant nurseries were selling the same old plants in plastic bags. Hobbyists and enthusiasts deserved a new experience - exotic plants, quality pots, and environmentally friendly growing media.

We at Root Bridges would like to give every urban individual a new experience with nature. We grow handpicked potted home plants and are proud of the plants we sell.

Our Dream

Every urban home feels closer to nature.

Mohan Khanna - Team - Root Bridges

Founder - Mohan Khanna

An investment banker by profession, but a gardener by passion. For around 30 years, Mohan spent several hours every morning tending to his plants, till he realized that he would want everyone to enjoy his hobby. He is the engine behind Root Bridges with uncontrollable energy. When not gardening or banking, Mohan enjoys cricket and the news.

Favourite plant - Adenium

Udit Khanna - Team - Root Bridges

CEO - Udit Khanna

Udit followed his fathers lead into finance before realizing that something offbeat was what he really wanted to do. Few things could be quite as offbeat as an online plant store and that's where he comes in. When not CEO-ing he likes a game of football or a nice black and white movie.

Favourite plant - Dwarf Butterfly Agave

Akshada Pal - Team - Root Bridges

Admin, Sales & Art - Akshada Pal

Akshada will make a cute terrarium with almost any plant that can take it. She savours the lush foliage of even common plants and brings enthusiasm in our nursery. A quick learner and fast implementer, Akshada does most things that the others can't manage. When not appreciating her terrariums, Akshada loves grocery and pot shopping.

Favourite plant - Syngonium

Jagannath Bhalekar - Team - Root Bridges

Head Gardener - Jagannath Bhalekar

Bhalekar's steady hands often save the day for our plants while pruning and repotting. He enjoys seed cultivation and propagation after his daily cups of tea. A native of Ratnagiri, Bhalekar is happy bringing his farm experience to our city. When not gardening, he loves his afternoon nap and old marathi songs.

Favourite plant - Aglaonama Lipstick