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Cotton Candy Fern-Foliage Plants-Root BridgesCotton Candy Fern-Foliage Plants-Root Bridges
Cotton Candy Fern
Sale priceRs. 178.00 Regular priceRs. 300.00
Turtle Vine-Succulent-Root BridgesTurtle Vine-Succulent-Root Bridges
Turtle Vine
Sale priceRs. 249.00
Large Tillandsia Sky Air Plant-Foliage Plants-Root BridgesLarge Tillandsia Sky Air Plant-Foliage Plants-Root Bridges
Large Tillandsia Sky Air Plant
Sale priceRs. 979.00
Dieffenbachia Ami-Foliage Plants-Root Bridges
Dieffenbachia Ami
Sale priceRs. 199.00
Green Euphorbia Francoisii-Succulent-Root BridgesGreen Euphorbia Francoisii-Succulent-Root Bridges
Green Euphorbia Francoisii
Sale priceRs. 419.00
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Aloe Oik-Succulent-Root BridgesAloe Oik-Succulent-Root Bridges
Aloe Oik
Sale priceRs. 283.00 Regular priceRs. 299.00
Mammillaria Rubrispina Cactus-Succulent-Root BridgesMammillaria Rubrispina Cactus-Succulent-Root Bridges
Mammillaria Rubrispina Cactus
Sale priceRs. 314.00
Wooly Senecio-Succulent-Root BridgesWooly Senecio-Succulent-Root Bridges
Wooly Senecio
Sale priceRs. 314.00
Aloe Jucunda-Succulent-Root BridgesAloe Jucunda-Succulent-Root Bridges
Aloe Jucunda
Sale priceRs. 293.00
Betel Leaf Plant (Magai Paan)-Herbs-Root BridgesBetel Leaf Plant (Magai Paan)-Herbs-Root Bridges
Betel Leaf Plant (Magai Paan)
Sale priceRs. 209.00
Grafted Moon Cactus-Succulent-Root BridgesGrafted Moon Cactus-Succulent-Root Bridges
Grafted Moon Cactus
Sale priceRs. 398.00
Fireball Poinsettia-Succulent-Root BridgesFireball Poinsettia-Succulent-Root Bridges
Fireball Poinsettia
Sale priceRs. 472.00

Classy Pots

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8" Brown Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges8" Brown Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
8" Brown Bello Square Pot
Sale priceFrom Rs. 189.00
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8" Purple Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges8" Purple Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
8" Purple Bello Square Pot
Sale priceFrom Rs. 199.00
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8" Pink Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges8" Pink Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
8" Pink Bello Square Pot
Sale priceFrom Rs. 199.00
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8" Orange Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges8" Orange Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
8" Orange Bello Square Pot
Sale priceFrom Rs. 199.00
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8" Lime Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges8" Lime Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
8" Lime Bello Square Pot
Sale priceFrom Rs. 199.00
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8" Green Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges8" Green Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
8" Green Bello Square Pot
Sale priceFrom Rs. 199.00
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10" Blue Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges10" Blue Bello Square Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
8" Blue Bello Square Pot
Sale priceFrom Rs. 199.00
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4" Arty Round Plastic Planter-Pots-Root Bridges4" Arty Round Plastic Planter (Pack of 3)-Pots-Root Bridges
4" Arty Round Plastic Planter (Pack of 3)
Sale priceRs. 299.00
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8" Egg Stand Planter-Pots-Root Bridges8" Egg Stand Planter-Pots-Root Bridges
8" Egg Stand Planter
Sale priceRs. 923.00
3.7" Orange, White Egg Ceramic Pot with Plate - 1 Pot-Pots-Root Bridges3.7" Orange, White Egg Ceramic Pot with Plate - 1 Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
3.7" Blue, White Egg Ceramic Pot with Plate - 1 Pot-Pots-Root Bridges3.7" Blue, White Egg Ceramic Pot with Plate - 1 Pot-Pots-Root Bridges
3.7" Blue, White Egg Ceramic Pot with Plate - 1 Pot
Sale priceRs. 209.00
3.7" Yellow, White Egg Ceramic Pot with Plate - 1 Pot-Pots-Root Bridges3.7" Yellow, White Egg Ceramic Pot with Plate - 1 Pot-Pots-Root Bridges

Grow your own plants

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Marigold Seeds-Seeds-Root BridgesSeeds Marigold Seeds
Marigold Seeds
Sale priceRs. 53.00
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Portulaca Flower Seeds-Seeds-Root BridgesSeeds Portulaca Flower Seeds
Portulaca Flower Seeds
Sale priceRs. 53.00
Italian Green Basil Seeds-Seeds-Root BridgesItalian Green Basil Seeds-Seeds-Root Bridges
Italian Green Basil Seeds
Sale priceRs. 95.00
Spinach Seeds-Seeds-Root BridgesSeeds Spinach Seeds
Spinach Seeds
Sale priceRs. 42.00
Corainder (Cilantro) Seeds-Seeds-Root BridgesSeeds Corainder (Cilantro) Seeds
Corainder (Cilantro) Seeds
Sale priceRs. 95.00
Seeds Rosemary SeedsSeeds Rosemary Seeds
Rosemary Seeds
Sale priceRs. 95.00
Seeds Pudina (Mint) SeedsSeeds Pudina (Mint) Seeds
Buy Pudina/ Mint Seeds Online
Sale priceRs. 95.00
Seeds Oregano SeedsSeeds Oregano Seeds
Oregano Seeds
Sale priceRs. 95.00
Seeds Thyme SeedsSeeds Thyme Seeds
Thyme Seeds
Sale priceRs. 95.00
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Seeds Chilli Seeds
Chilli Seeds
Sale priceRs. 21.00 Regular priceRs. 40.00
Seeds Periwinkle Vinca Sadaphuli SeedsSeeds Periwinkle Vinca Sadaphuli Seeds
Periwinkle Vinca Sadaphuli Seeds
Sale priceRs. 53.00
Cosmos Dwarf Sensation Mix-Seeds-Root BridgesCosmos Dwarf Sensation Mix-Seeds-Root Bridges
Cosmos Dwarf Sensation Mix
Sale priceRs. 53.00

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Buy the Best Quality Plants @Root Bridges

Plants are nature's way to make the environment clean, and this is what they do when we have indoor plants. If you are someone who likes plants, getting an indoor plant is a great idea for you as you can have something to take care of. Plants represent life, and taking care of them can also be good for your mental health as it is also considered as a therapy to watch a plant grow healthily. Not just mental well-being, but plants are also proven to make you feel better physically, and there are many options that you can choose to get the perfect indoor plant from the best plant nursery and have them in your home.


There are different kinds of plants that are meant for indoor as well as outdoor, and these plants can be bought according to what you need. There are many benefits of having indoor plants, and if you need some relief from stress and positive energy, then the indoor plants are the ones for you that will make you healthier and happier.

One of the best things about getting a plant is that you can even get the plant of your choice delivered to your house. As we all are aware of the tough times the pandemic has created around us, it has been difficult to get out of the house or keep the environment positive enough, which is why getting a plant will make your vibe in the house a little better. When you can buy a plant online, then there is no need to worry about getting the right one as you will have several options to choose from.

How are plants good for mental health?

Humans have always had a strong connection with nature, and it is something that can make us feel the best. People enjoy gardening as their hobby as it makes them feel good, and at the end of the day, that is what matters the most. Growing a plant indoors can bring a positive impact on mental as well as physical health. Over the years, it has become difficult to be mentally best due to the entire pandemic scenario, and the house plants are a great way to change the aura of the house and also have something to take care of. They work well as a distraction and something that can keep us busy while we are taking care of those plants. The indoor plants are known to relieve stress and anxiety, and some plants can also be used as aromatherapy. If you are someone who is always busy and cannot take much care of the plant, then you can also get a cactus that does not need much water, so it is a great way to start if you are unsure about getting a house plant.

How do plants make your place pleasant and lively?

When there are indoor plants, it becomes a place where you can always stay fresh. A place where you enter and you will always have the perfect fresh scent. Plants are also known to purify the air and increase the oxygen level, which makes the entire room lively and fills it with good vibes. With the help of adequate sunlight and water, you can have the plant grow well, which will, in turn, help you in making the room lively and happier.

Not exclusively do indoor plants add tone and vivacity to your space. However, they likewise change actual parts of the climate in lovely ways. Plants can be utilized to build the relative moisture inside, decrease commotion, cover up corners, and moderate room temperature by concealing a splendid, bright window. Before you occupy a space with furniture and adornments, set aside some effort to ponder how you need to feel in that room and how plants may assist you with accomplishing that energy. In this way, you will make your house very comfortable and overall pleasant. With the help of the perfect light and plants in the room, the vibe of the room becomes very pleasant, so you can always feel your best. 

Do plants make us closer to nature?

In this world of fast life and stress, we have found our escape in nature, and we always choose to go back to it whenever we need a getaway, and this is what the plants represent as well. We do not need a fancy garden or a terrace; all you need is a plant that you can take care of to feel better and to know more about other forms of life. For reasons unknown, nowadays of occupations that require unlimited hours on screens, an ever-increasing number of individuals are moved nearer to nature, the sort that they can disappear to any time they please. Looking for plants online engages you to promptly follow up on your longing for pocket heaven by making one inside the sides of your own home. Nowadays, it doesn't make any difference if you have a nursery or lawn, as long as you have an overhang or even huge north-bound windows to give your blooming plants splendid light in the first part of the day. When you choose to start your day on a positive note, it will always go well, so you can get a plan for it.

Why buy plants from Root Bridges?

When you buy plants online at Root Bridges, you can browse through a variety of options and even look up the ones that would suit your needs the best. Certain houses do not have much sunlight, or some have too much sunlight, and you can get a plant according to all those aspects that may affect the way a plant needs to grow. You can simply order plants online from the plant nursery i.e., Root Bridges, and be assured of the best quality indoor plants that will boost your energy and always help you with your health. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best quality plants online today from our website!