Vastu Importance of Keeping Lucky Bamboo Plant At Home

It is well believed that keeping plants at home adds to the tranquility and well-being of the house, energizing the surroundings and adding a visual appeal. According to Vastu Shastra, both selection of these plants as well as their placement should be done carefully for attracting peace to the home.

Bamboo is an iconic symbol of elegance and simplicity that we associate with Japanese gardens and Asian designs. It is a diverse plant with a historical and cultural significance. It is auspicious according to both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Bamboo plant brings wealth, luck and prosperity and keeps away evil powers. The combination of bamboo (wood) and the red ribbon tied to its stalk (fire) forms a perfect balance when placed in the home or office.

Over a period, the bamboo plant has been customized to be kept indoors as well as outdoors. It is popular among Bonsai enthusiasts to be used as an accent plant. Bonsai refers to the ancient art of cultivating miniature trees, which is very popular in China and Japan. Its meaning is planted in a container, and it is deemed a harbinger of harmony and luck. It is also said that if a Bonsai is gifted instead of being bought, your fortune would be doubled. Hence, it is easy to buy bonsai plants online or offline. The trend of growing bonsai at homes has spread to across the world and is a great way to bring both beauty and luck to one’s environment. Bamboo is quite resilient in nature, making it easier to Bonsai and care for in the long term.

There are major benefits of a Bamboo plant:

  • It has air purifying qualities
  • It can easily grow in indirect sunlight
  • It adds elegance to the décor of the home
  • It adds greenery and can greatly reduce stress especially when kept in the office

A healthy plant would need some measures for a sustained growth:

  • According to Vastu, the placement of Bamboo should ideally be in the East for bringing in peace and harmony to the family, while it should be in the Southeastern direction to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • This plant is strong and can survive low light as well, however, it should be provided adequate sunlight to ensure a healthy growth.
  • The plant should be watered regularly, and it should be ensured that it is sufficiently moist at all times.
  • Regular pruning should be done to ensure a dense growth of the plant. The warmer the climate, the faster it would grow and would need to be trimmed to maintain its shape and size.

Online Bonsai plants can be easily bought and maintained at home to keep both the spirit of nature and prosperity in your surroundings.  India is seeing an increase in the trend of gifting Bonsai plants and bonsai plants online in India can be found to gift to your close ones.

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