What are Different Types of Money Plants?

Money plants are the not only the most commonly known indoor plants, but also very good air purifying plants. As creepers, money plants grow on trees and walls when planted in the open. However, their real use is as one of the few plants that grow easily in indoor or semi shade environments. Money plants can be planted in small pots, self-watering pots, hanging baskets, ,medium size pots with support of plant straighteners like moss sticks, or hydroponically in a glass vase with water.

At Root Bridges we maintain a wide variety with 6 types of money plants -

Green Money Plant
This is most popular form of money plant which is commonly found in most houses.

Variegated Money Plant or the ‘Gold King‘
This a close cousin of the green money plant, with slight golden variegation.

Golden Money Plant
Golden money plant is with bright green leaves with a yellowish golden tint.

N’joy Pothos
This one of the 2 principal variegated money plants with perfect white and green variegation.

Marble Money Plant
As the name indicates, marble money plant leaves show the texture of marble of green and bright white colours, making it the 2nd top variegated devil’s ivy.

Satin Money Plant
Satin money plant gives a feel of satin when touched. They have relatively bigger leaves of silver colour with grey patches.

Special Mention - Chinese Money Plant

P.S. - This is the famous Pilea Peperomoides and not actually a money plant

How to Grow Money Plants

Money plants are quite easy to grow. One can grow them in a pot of soil or cocopeat mixed with manure. Propagation is simple by taking a healthy cutting at the node of the vine and placing it in pot about 1.5”deep in the mix. It needs a humid climate with shade for fast growth. The pot needs to watered every 2-3 days but should not get dry as leaves tend to get rotten if not watered well.


Tips for Caring Money Plants

Money plants are generally very hardy plants and can be kept in good state of health without much care. Basic care for money plant is maintaining dampness or moisture in pots. As such it needs daily or alternate day watering if kept in the open and water every 2-3 days if kept indoors. Other important general care is to keep removing dried leaves, which prevents rot and encourages growth. Make sure to add some plant feed every 15-20 days to ensure ample nutrition. If planted in soil, periodic softening to ensure aeration of roots before applying plant feed. Besides this, maintain some humid ity for best results, and avoid extreme cold below 5-10 degree Celsius.

If you’re a beginner or just need hardy plants which don’t need too much care, your friendly neighborhood Pothos should be the plant of choice. They’re extremely versatile, adaptable and easy to grow. Whether you want to avoid soil altogether, or get a constant supply of clean air, look no further than the humble money plant. If you’re just dabbling, and this is the beginning of your experience with nature, the money plant will serve you well.


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