Money Plants: Everything you need to know about

The beloved and familiar money plant is a common sight in homes and offices. If you want to bring warmth, energy, and improve the liveability of your living space this is a must have home plant. While a lot people believe that the money plant brings good luck and prosperity, what we can assure you is that money plants will help you get rid of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and make your indoor air healthier and wholesome. Before we get to all its benefits though, here’s a little more about the Money Plant.

What are Money Plants?

Money Plant, or Devil’s Ivy, is the common name of plants in the Epipremnum, Pothos, and Scindapsus genera. We grow almost all the 5 varieties of Money Plants available anywhere in the world – Green Money Plant and its variegated cousin (Epipremnum Aureum aka “Gold King”), Golden Money Plant (Scindapsus Neon), N’Joy Money Plant (Scindapsus ‘N’Joy’), Marble Money Plant (Epipremnum Auream ‘Marble Queen), and the Satin Pothos (Scindapsus Pictus ‘Silver’). Though some argue that not all of the above are money plants, all of these vines bare large glossy heart shaped leaves and have a similar growth nature.

What are Benefits of Money Plants?

  • Air Purifiers - Money Plants are the top NASA approved air purifying plants that remove indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, benzene and other air toxins.
  • Low Maintenance – Pothos is one of the easiest to grow plants, that can kept indoors without sunlight and much care.
  • Versatile – Money Plants are easy to grow in both soil and water depending on your preference. Hang them from a basket, or train them along a moss stick, they’re equally happy.
  • Best Plant for Green Gifting – Ideal as a plant gift given in the hopes of bringing prosperity to the receiver.
    • Pro-Tip – Our customers tell us that receiving money plants as gifts and not buying them if the key to bring its good luck. Time to ask your friends to buy you a money plant!
  • Easy to propagate – Each node of the money plant vine sprouts roots and makes for easy propagation through leaf cuttings.

Where to Keep Money Plants?

Choose the spot for your Money Plant depending on the type you have. If it has plain green foliage like the Green or Golden Money Plant a completely shaded spot will do. If it has variegated leaves, like the N’Joy Pothos or the Marble Queen, keep it in well lit because it has that much less real estate available on its leaves for photosynthesis.

Pro-tip – Variegated plants often turn green if they don’t receive enough light. The more the variegation, the more the light it needs. If you’re not sure, err on the side of more light (and less water).

Where to buy Money Plants from?

You can buy all 5 types of Money Plants from the below links –

Green Money Plant

Golden Money Plant

N’Joy Money Plant

Satin Money Plant

Marble Money Plant 

If you want try more than one, we’ve made a handy Money Plant pack consisting of 5 plants.

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