5 Super Succulents For Windowsill

Succulents are fast catching attention of households as they are nice looking, low maintenance, multi-coloured and almost look artificial due to their perfection. They need very less water and are easy to maintain. Buy succulents if you are looking for small indoor plants suitable for placing on windowsill where they get some sunlight. They can be attractively placed in rectangular or circular pots with different colours, and also in combinations made with succulents of different heights to give a great look. Succulents are tiny lovely plants that can be maintained throughout the year provided some care is taken to protect against rainwater. Some types of succulents can even be kept indoors at a table top or work desk. Root bridges offers a huge range of succulents to buy online that can work indoors or outdoors across the year, neatly packaging and delivered on time. All our succulent plants are planted in cocopeat wherein we mix nutrients and perlite.

What are the Benefits of Succulents?

Succulents are becoming more and more popular due to following benefits;

  1. Succulent plants are ideal for green gifting for any event as they are small, beautiful, easy to carry.
  2. Certain succulents like Crassula or Jade are considered auspicious for keeping in home to bring fortune according to Feng Shui.
  3. Succulent plants are easier to maintain as they need less watering and are pest resistant.
  4. Succulent plants make for lovely home décor as they come with exotic colours and shapes and are ideally suited for landscaping and plantscaping when paired with shaped ceramic pots or glass terrariums.

Without further ado, let us see the list of top 5 succulents for windowsill you can buy online.

Top 5 Succulent Plants

  1. Crassula
    Crassula ovata and Jade plants are some of our most commonly gifted plants due to their Feng Shui fame. They sport bright colours and love the sun.
  2. Aloe
    Aloe succulent plants have hard leaves and can be grown easily without sunlight. Among the Aloes, the Snowstorm is one of our favourites with it bright white coloured fleshy leaves. They also bear orange flowers frequently. Other Aloe beauties include Aloe mini white, Aloe Haworthiodes, and Aloe Pepe. Similar to the Aloes, the Haworthias also deserve special mention with Haworthia Cooperii, Minima, Zebra. If you’re a beginner and looking to buy succulent plants online, start with a Haworthia/Aloe.
  3. Cactus
    Cactus plants make great additions to any succulent collection. One of favourites is the Cereus Florida which has an elongated dark green central stem with whitish beads like spikes on corners. Other options includes Zipper cactus, Echinoposis Cucumber, Euphorbia Rubra and the Christmas Cactus.
  4. Echeveria
    We have an attractive range of echeveria succulent plants that you can buy online. Most notable among them are Echeveria Green Spoon, Echeveria Perle Von Nurenberg, Echeveria Topsy Turvy, Echeveria Silver, Echeveria Purpusorum, Echeveria Black Velvet, and Echeveria Black Prince.
  5. Sedum
    Sedums are some of our most attractive succulents. Take the Sedum Firestorm, with it red hot deep bright colour that tends to be more red as exposed to bright sun. Or the Cremnosedum little gem with its symmetrical small rosettes that look like a bunch of well-formed circles. And don’t forget the Sedevaria Rolly,Sedum Adolphii, Sedum Golden Moss, Sedum Clavatum and many more succulents, each better than a bouquet of flowers.


For plant lovers who fancy colours, structures, and miniature art, succulent plants are necessary have possession. Buy succulents online from Root Bridges to begin this journey.

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