Top 10 Air Purifying Plants

What are air purifying plants?

Every plant on our planet cleanses its surrounding air, however, a few plants have been scientifically by several research organizations which document their benefits. One of the most famous studies was conducted by NASA in 1989, which produced a list of air purifying plants. At Root Bridges, we specialize in growing such plants for our valued customers to help them enjoy cleaner air and reduce toxins from their environments. We also ensure that all our air purifying plants are plants in cocopeat for water conservation.

Benefits of air purifying plants

  1. Cleaning air from toxins- Indoor environments are full of toxins, especially when cross ventilation is limited. Use of paints, chemicals cleaners and pest controls increase the need for natural plants to reduce their ill effects.
  2. A large number of plants can together actually create their own microclimate in which humidity is controlled and extremes in temperature are muted.
  3. Plants provide an increase in the level of oxygen, which improves health and well-being. Plants like snake plant and several crassula through crassulacean acid metabolism provide oxygen in indoor or outdoor environments even at night.
  4. Plants help in reducing stress, anxiety and generally help you achieve calmness. Plants like Aglaonema, Peace Lily, Pepromia, Ficus, Dracaena, Money plants are very helpful.
Many plants show that indoor plants improve the efficiency and productivity of people around them.

Top Ten air purifying plants

Money plants - Money plants are most commonly used air purifying plants that can be found with household. We grow 5 types of money plants – Green, Golden, Marble, N’Joy and Satin Pothos. All money plants can be multiplied by planting a healthy branch with little roots.
  1. Philodendrons – Philodendronds are similiar creepers like money plants and can be planted in the same way. Root bridges maintains many types - Celyon, Brasil, Micans to name a few.
  2. Aglaonemas - Aglaonemas are multi-coloured stress busting indoor plants. Root bridges has 5 types of aglaonemas – Lipstick, Pink Anjamanee , Snow White, Orange and Red which bear smal white flowers.
  3. Peace Lily - Peace lily is good a air purifying plant which is ideally place in semi shade or indoor environments. This is plant is known to bring peace and tranquility and bears a white flower. We grow both the green and variegated varieties.
  4. ZZ – Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is considered one of the best air purifying plants that removes toxins from closed environments. This is ideal placed around washroom, kitchen or living rooms.
  5. Snake plant - Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue and sanseviera, this plant generates large amounts of oxygen and is ideally suited for bed rooms. We maintain many exotic types including golden, boncel, superba,hahnii, compacta,ehrenbergii etc.
  6. Rubber - Rubber plant is one of the good air purifying indoor plants with dark green blackish foliage.
  7. Syngonium - Syngoniums are arrowhead shaped air purifying plants with different colours and textures. Root bridges maintains them in green, pink, mango and lemon colours. Like money plants, Syngoniums too can be grown by planting a branch.
  8. Areca palm - Areca palms need semi shade environments and go well in well-lit corners.
  9. Chlorophytum - Spider plants grow well in mild sun or semi shade environments. They have beautiful variegation and often grow pups which can be propagated.




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