Top Small Trees Perfect for your Home Garden

Have you ever wondered how to enhance the beauty of your house, but not been sure about which tree would be suitable for the climate and weather conditions? Then look no further. We shall provide you the perfect list from which you can select small trees for garden.

  • Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is one of the most popular small tree plants which you can place at your home as an ornamental vine. It has a wide variety of colors such as magenta, purple, white, red and can be placed in a hanging basket or adorn your walls. This is an outdoor plant which requires full sunlight for majority of the day. It is quite resistant to drought and can survive in any well drained soil with pH over 6.
  • Arabian Jasmine

This small flower tree fills the air with an intoxicating scent and is the perfect flower to grow during the summer season. Its beautiful flowers bloom during the summers and can continue to do so all year in warm climates. It makes for an attractive, eye catching plant in either ports or as a wine. It requires lots of sunshine and warm temperatures with humidity and should be kept inside during the winters. You should provide this plant fertilizer after pruning during the end of winters or at the start of spring.
  • Chrysanthemums

This is one of the easiest, evergreen plants to grow at your home. It has different names and is commonly referred to as Chamanthi, Shevanti in India. The best season during which it flourishes is late summer season as it does not do very well in extreme summers. Too much sun exposure can dry this plant up, hence it is important to water it frequently. The ideal temperature range for chrysanthemum is 20 to 30 degrees.
  • Orchid tree

This is a tropical tree which has extravagant flowers that hang from its stalk, and no home garden is complete without an orchid. This is a tree which can grow best in tropical conditions with adequate humidity, heat and fertile soil. With its beautiful Crimson flowers, it can be the perfect choice for small flowering trees. A good option for Indian climates is the Dendrobium Sonia orchid, which flowers during winter to spring season and grows the best during summers.
  • Magnolia

This tree can sustain in all types of soil, ranging from acidic and neutral to sandy and loamy. It has an appealing look with beautiful, textured flowers which will add grace and elegance to your garden. It requires strong to partial sunlight and daily watering. It is a low maintenance plant which requires sporadic supply of fertilizer (about once a year). It can be transferred to a bigger container after it overgrows its pot.
  • Hibiscus

One of the more varied plant, a dwarf hibiscus can grow up to three feet and can be the perfect choice as a tree for small gardens. It is very easy to place, either in pots, your garden, or on your terrace. Hibiscus can be used in number of industries like construction or food. Although it is an all-year plant, it does require regular watering and a moist soil for its best growth.
  • Anthurium

Anthurium is an evergreen flower and is also commonly referred to as Flamingo flower. It has several properties such as its capacity to remove ammonia and other toxins from the air. It flourishes in humid and moderate climate conditions. Its flowers have a puckered appearance and a glossy shine to them. It requires weekly watering and supply of fertilizer along with indirect sunlight.

Flowering plants offer the perfect blend of beauty and grace to complete the look of your house. Now that you have a variety of trees to choose from for your home garden, you can start by ordering them online or by visiting your nearest local nursery.

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