Tips for Taking Care of Your Rose Plants

Rose plant, also known as the queen of flowers, is one of the most popular plants in the world. With over 150 varieties, it is considered as an indispensable part of a garden. Some of the most popular varieties are hybrid tea rose, grandiflora roses, floribunda roses and climbing roses. It is a common myth that roses are difficult to grow, so we are offering a comprehensive guide on taking care of rose plants in your home.


There are different types of rose saplings, such as bare root and container rose. If tending to a rose plant on your garden seems intimating at first, planting roses in pots and keeping it indoors is a good option, hence container roses are the easier option. The right pot can be easily found online or at your local nursery. Choose a pot with depth based on the size of your plant. Miniature bushes would require smaller pots whereas climbers would require more space to make sure that the roots have enough room to grow.  Ensure that your pot has drainage holes for the water to pass through. Terracotta, clay or ceramic are the best material for pots.


The soil for roses must be able to hold water and fertilizer. Well- rotted manure along with an organic fertilizer provide the right nutrients for rose plants to grow.  During winter season, you should mulch your bush in order to retain maximum moisture. In order to improve your drainage, you can add gravel and stones to the bottom of your pot.  Rose plant in a pot is more prone to lack of nutrients, hence monthly fertilization is a must.


Potted rose would require more water as compared to an outdoor rose plant. The frequency varies as per season. You should water your plant daily in summers, while during winters, once in three days is sufficient. While watering, it is important to remember that instead of the leaves or flowers you should wet the soil and avoid flooding, as that can lead to fungal attack.


Pruning is a vital element in taking care of the rosebush. Major portion of the pruning should be done in spring when the leaf buds appear; and any dead canes, dried leaves and stems should be removed.  You should use pruning shears for the process, start at the base at 45-degree angle, and remove any old leaves or branches. Light pruning can also be done all season long.


Rose plants should receive a regular amount of sunlight daily, however, protect them from the harsh afternoon sun. They should be subjected to the morning sun. While rose purchased in containers can be planted throughout the year, however, the best time to plant a rose is during the spring. An alternative option is during fall. This allows sufficient time for the roots to grow properly before winter. For the best rose plant care in India, it is important to remember that pruning the plants during winters is not a good idea. The best place to grow the rose bush is in a container during these months as they do not receive adequate sunlight and moisture.


It is important to change the soil of the rose plant every two to three years even if it is kept in the same container. The best time to do so is in early spring when the rose bush is in a dormant phase. Use a mixture of peat moss, composed and potted soil at the bottom of the planting hole in order to do so.


It is important to frequently check roses for any insects or diseases. Varieties like the hybrid tea rose are more prone to diseases and should be given extra care. Fungal infections like black spots and powdery mildew are common with roses, hence it is important to dust rose powder on the plant and keep any diseases away. If your rose is planted outdoors, it is important to keep an eye out for pests.

Taking care of roses is easier than perceived. Being mindful of all these tips while planting and growing your rose will ensure that it remains healthy and adds beauty and elegance to your garden and home.

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