Tips to Grow & take care of the Braided Money Plant

Money plant, whose Botanical name is Pachira aquatica, is a commonly found indoor plant in many households. It is quite common to see several money plants in one pot with their slender trunks braided together, which is said to lock in the fortune, as money plant is considered a symbol of good luck. There are many money plant benefits such as air purifying, reducing stress and sleep disorders.

As per Vastu Shastra, keeping a money plant in the south- east corner of your house can attract wealth. You can also place your money plant in kitchen as it is said to balance the negative energies emanating.

How to care for your money plant?

Light- Too much exposure to direct sunlight can harm money plant. It grows well in bright and indirect light as well as partial shade. This plant can also adapt to fluorescent lights.

Watering- Make sure to thoroughly water your plants, making sure that the excess is drained out through holes at the bottom of the container. The water should not be allowed to sit in the pot. Water the plant again when the top of the soil is dried out.

Pruning- Money plant does not require frequent pruning, but you should take off any damaged part of the plant as an annual exercise. Ensure that you do not disturb the plant, or lets its leaves dropdown.

Humidity- Keep the plant in a moderately humid room. During a dry weather, you can increase humidity by placing the container on a tray filled with shallow rocks and covering them partially with water.

Fertilisation- Fertilise your plant once a month with a liquid fertiliser by diluting it to half its strength. You can skip the fertiliser during winters.

Repotting- You should repot the plant every two years with clean peat mixture. Place it in a shaded area for some weeks.

How to propagate a money plant?

To grow a money plant, propagation through cutting is an easier way compared to planting a seed. You can propagate the plant in both water and soil. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Ensure you take a healthy, green portion of the stem that is about six inches in length, and has several leaf nodes available. Use sterilised scissors or knife to cut the portion. Keep the cuttings in a damp towel.
  2. Prepare your container with potting mix and dampen it using water.
  3. Purchase a root hormone and dip the cutting end into it, tapping of the excess.
  4. Form a hole in the centre of the soil for the stem and plant your cutting, insert it until the bottom third is in the soil, and keep it firmly in place.
  5. Water the cutting lightly and you are ready to go!
Growing a plant yourself can be incredibly rewarding. Since they are easy to maintain and considered prosperous, you can purchase money plants online and increase your house’s glory.

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