Top caring tips and benefits of money plants

What are Money Plants?

Money plants one of the most common house plants that you are sure to find in many homes and offices. Pothos, Devil’s Ivy, or simply Money Plant, is a creeper that has large heart shaped leaves which grows aerial roots at each node. Money Plant is loosely used as a catch-all name for all plants under the Epipremnum, Pothos, and Scindapsus families. Though growers argue what actually is a money plant, all the plants in these families have similar growth habits and needs.

Top 5 Benefits of Money Plants

  • Air Purifiers - Money Plants are some of the top NASA approved air purifying plants that remove indoor air toxins like formaldehyde and methane.
  • Low Maintenance – Pothos are some of the easiest to grow plants, that can grown without sunlight and much care.
  • Versatile – Money Plants are easy to grow in both soil and water without too much fuss.
  • Ideal for Green Gifting – Famous as a plant gift given in the hopes of bringing prosperity to the recipient.
    • Tip – Our customers tell us that receiving money plants as gifts and not buying them if the key to activate its good luck. It’s a great excuse you ask your loved ones to gift you a plant.
  • Easy to propagate – Each node of the money plant vine sprouts roots and makes for easy propagation.

How to Care for Money Plants

  • Where to Keep Money Plants – Keep your money plant in a bright spot which need not be sunlit. If it variegated like our N’Joy money plant it will need more light than its green cousins.
  • Water –
    • If grown in water, remember to change the water of the plant on a weekly or biweekly frequency.
    • If grown in a potting media allow your plant to dry out before re-watering. Twice a week should be good enough.
  • Feed – Any general purpose fertiliser will do, but liquid sprays on its foliage if give great results
  • Additional tips – Money Plants love humidity. Feel free to keep them in the

Where to buy Money Plants –

We have 5 beautiful varieties of the Pothos or Money Plant which you can find here

Green Money Plant

Golden Money Plant

N’Joy Money Plant

Satin Money Plant

Marble Money Plant


If you’re a beginner just starting your home garden, money plants are the plant you need to get. If you’re looking for plants for your house or office to clean the air, stop looking and just buy a money plant. And if you’re just a plant lover who loves to see fresh leaves and new growth, get yourself a money plant.


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