Succulent Echeveria Succulent Plant Pack (4 Plants)

Echeveria Succulent Plant Pack (4 Plants)

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If you grow succulents but you don't have any Echeveria, do you really grow succulents? Echeverias are the crown jewels of the succulent world with some of the brightest and most attractive colours. Like Sedums, Echeverias do need bright sunlight, but if you've got that covered, they're more rewarding. They display symmetrical intricate rosettes, and even if the symmetry is lost if it loses a leaf or two, you can easily propagate it. Our Echeveria plant pack includes 4 succulents -

1 x Echeveria Green Spoon

1 x Echeveria Pearl

1 x Echeveria Silver
1 x Echeveria Chroma

How to Care for Echeveria Succulents

We've curated this pack keeping busy gardeners in mind, because none of these plants ask for too much. 

Light - Keep them in bright spot which gets atleast 2-3 hours of direct sunlight. More sunlight is better to give the leaves bright colours. Overexposure, though, and you're liable to damage, so do be careful.

Water -

Once a week should be good enough. Please ensure that they don't get exposed to direct rainfall.

Feed - Use light feed whenever you do. Once in 6-8 weeks is good enough.

Each plant typically comes in a 3" round plastic pot. Our regular customers will know that we also throw in your monthly fertiliser dose with each order.
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