Why You Should Bring Plants To Your Office

Our cities need more greenery and fresh air, and yet most of us see almost none, spending half our lives at the office. We all want to make our workspaces healthier and livelier, and I'm excited to write about this today.

Why have indoor plants?

1. Happier workforce

Happy Employee

Several studies found that people report lower levels of fatigue and discomfort in presence of plants.

2. Reduce energy consumption

We observed hourly temperatures in a room for 3 days without plants and 3 days with 3 plants. We found that plants reduce cooling requirements (especially in glass buildings) and extreme temperatures.

Temperature Data

Temperature Data

3. Improve air quality

Air Purifiers

A NASA study suggests that certain indoor plants provide a natural way of removing air toxins. For efficient air cleaning atleast one plant/100 sq. ft. is recommended.

But first, where are you going to put the plants?

The great things about plants is that they can adapt to your space. As long as there's atleast 3"- 4" of space for the pot to sit you're good to go. And if there isn't any floor/shelf space you can hang them too.

Which plants are likely to thrive in an office and help you thrive, as well?

We're proud to boast of Mumbai's widest range of indoor plants to tickle your every plant bone. We've bunched them all together here so they're easy to find.


Interested? Learn how we can help you

We're currently working with companies in Mumbai to make their workspace greener with our range of exotic and colourful plants. We help you select areas and work with your budget to implement it in your schedule. We also offer maintenance services if you don't have the bandwidth.

We're eager to hear from you!

Contact: udit@rootbridges.com    +91-9930843288

Already have plants in your office? Let us know!

Comment below about the office plants you have and help us grow this community of plant lovers. We can learn something from you!

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