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Technology has made it easier for farmers to turn almost any indoor space into a simple flower or vegetable garden. A few centuries ago this would seem like an uttermost impossibility. The history of agriculture has however evolved making it easier to cultivate any plant without having to worry about forecast by the weatherman. Gone are the days that that our growing options were completely reliant on water, landscape and soil conditions. With the current technology, we can modify the expected condition to our liking and achieve optimum results. Greenhouses have aided this concept; making it easier for farmers to cross-check on how their plants are faring on and also minimize the spread of any crop-related diseases. Another significant technological step in this field is the use of terrarium; a sealable glass container with soil and plants that can be accessed for maintenance. Closed terrarium is ideal for plant growth because the transparent nature of the walls allows for unlimited access to both light and heat. The heat causes transpiration in plants and vaporization of water from the soil into the terrarium ‘atmosphere’. The evaporated water condenses and falls back to the soil and plants thus creating a small-scale ‘water cycle’. Furthermore, the transparent nature of terrarium enables photosynthesis to occur due to unwavering access to light.

With the growing world population, there was need to invent ways in which people could still cultivate their vegetables without worrying about limited space. Current trends and technology have made it easier to give kitchen counters a complete garden turn over. The demand for organic food surpasses the local food supply. Research has shown that in the recent years, the number of boomers who grow herbs indoors has significantly increased. Also, more people want fresh unprocessed foods as the processed ones have adverse health effects to their users. This is the reason why environmental advocates are coming together across the globe to encourage control of what consumers are eating. Concerns have been expressed about the impacts of genetically modified plants. Multiple researches have shown that while genetically modified crops may be of little harm to those using them; there need to be regulations put in place to avoid rogue dealers who use shortcuts to achieve faster results.

Another significant trend that is gaining momentum in this industry is the undying need for medicinal gardens. Healing herbs are packed in most ‘kitchen-counter’ gardens. We are going back to our traditional roots because we have realized that most processed medicines do more harm than good to our bodies. Consumers want herbs that they can pick in any season when there is urgency and they also need it fresh and clean with no additives.

What we have in the store

Behind the scenes, we have an extraordinary team that ensures that our customers’ needs are met to the letter. We strive to make sure that clients can check into the store at any time of the day and find what they have been looking for. Our main goal is to ensure that nobody has been left behind as we advocate for a healthy lifestyle. You can find the following items on our shelves:

Flowers: Our store is rich in a variety of flowers that are hard to come by on ordinary circumstances. When you step into the store, our team will guide you through on the flowers that you need to pick based on the type of occasion that you want to attend to or fulfill. Remember, it is important that you match the occasion with the right flower; otherwise misinterpretation can land you into deep trouble with friends, loved-ones, and family.

  • For wedding events we have the rose, lily, aster, daisy, and iris flowers. In most situations we advise our clients to pick the red or pink flowers as they signify love and passion.
  • For birthday occasions we encourage the use of violet, carnation, gladiolus, marigold, poinsettia, or daffodil. At this juncture, yellow flowers are preferable because they symbolize friendship.
  • In situations where clients want to surprise their loved during dates, we advise them to use orchids, tulips, or dandelions. Gifting flowers to the one you love on a date is gesture that shows appreciation to them for being there for you. A quick tip is that you can place the flowers at the doorstep of your loved ones to spare them the burden of having to carry them around throughout the date.

Clients can also get flower seeds of their preferred flowers. We work hand in hand with technologists to produce seeds that are disease resistant and that can be used to achieve better results. We also assign a follow-up team to supervise the performance of the seeds that we have sold to clients. This helps us to get feedback that can be used for later improvements if there is any need.

Succulents: Their color variation and juicy appearance have made them trendy. They are one of the easiest to plant indoors as they don’t require much attention. Also, they only need to be watered once in a while unlike other indoor-favorable plants. In our stores you can find burro’s tail, Christmas cactus, crown of thorns, and Echeveriaelegans. They belong to the “touch-me-a little” caliber because of their inherent complexion.

Bonsai Trees: These are small trees that mimic the scale and shape of full size trees. Their growing technique is borrowed from ancient Japan that had practiced this technique for more than a thousand years. Growing a bonsai tree is very challenging and it requires patience and hard work. However, they have an appealing end-result look that complements most indoor gardens. We are privileged to stock juniper and ficus which are the most common tree species of this stature.

Creepers: Also known as procumbent. They are tiny in nature and need an extra support so as to grow to their full length. When you plant them close to a tall structure, they intertwine vertically along the structure to achieve maximum height. The most popular creeper that our clients like is the creeping junipers which have evergreen foliage thus classified as a perennial and not a shrub.

Lastly, our store is home to a variety of species of bamboo plants, shrubs, office plants, and other indoor plants. We don’t comprise on the quality that should be delivered to our clients who are the main priority. To learn more and appreciate the natural environment, do visit our garden store and make it your favourite “garden-city” destination.

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