Succulents: Plants that make your workdesk look good

If you’re looking to decorate your office desk with something small that adds character but doesn’t take too much space, a succulent or any other indoor plant is the best option. While they make your desk pretty, plants are known to have a lot of health and psychological benefits for the occupants of the workspace. Studies have found that people report lower levels of fatigue, irritability, and discomfort in the presence of greenery and plants at a workplace. Plants are widely used in corners and entrances in offices but a desk plant in your workstation or cubicle will become your own little possession at work.

Why Buy Desk Plants for Your Office?

  • Plants reduce stress, tiredness, and anxiety
  • Plants are the only way to get fresh air without opening your windows
  • Plants are great air purifiers that remove indoor air toxins like formaldehyde and methane and are much nicer than mechanical air purifiers
  • Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels in indoor spaces
  • Plants create a micro-climate around them that helps improve humidity in an air conditioned environment
  • Succulents are a great conversation starter for your coworkers
  • Buying succulents is eco-friendly retail therapy


How do Plants Survive Indoors without Sunlight?

Before you buy succulents online,it is important to know that very few plant and succulent species are suitable and tolerant of the low light conditions inside an office. If possible, keep them in the best-lit spot near a window or near a source of bright light. If that is not possible, take them home for the weekend every now and then. This will ensure their long-term survival. Now that you know the essential about the light plants need, go ahead and get an Aloe, Gasteriaor Haworthia for your office desk without any fear of killing your new succulent.

How to Water Succulents?

  • Water Quality – More than other plants, succulents like clean water – hard water will stain leaves and lead to all sorts of issues. Try and use soft water – there often are sources nearby. Our succulent plants at Root Bridges are grown using RO water.
  • Watering – When you water, water well till a little comes out from the bottom. Then allow the media to almost dry out before watering again. The wet/dry cycle is a critical requirement of succulents. This is the rule to follow: when in doubt, don’t water.Also, water only in the morning so the leaves dry out by night. In monsoons, exposure to heavy rain & prolonged must be avoided, so a covered space is essential. Last, if possible, water directly in the soil and not on the leaves as this water might not dry up too soon. That’s most of what you need to know before you buy succulent plants online. If you want to go plastic free, you could add a neat ceramic pot for a classier look. That and a few pebbles, will make a for classy look for your succulent as a desk plant. So go ahead, buy you first work desk succulent plant and send us a picture of how it looks!


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