Improve the Air Quality With Air Purifying Indoor Plants

We all are pretty much aware of the increase in air pollution. And just because of this, we are facing many chronic health issues. Some of the common health issues are asthma, irritation in the eyes, hair fall, respiratory diseases, etc. Though we try to take precautions but still cannot properly escape from air pollution. Even while in your home, you aren’t breathing the pure air, so to minimize its effect, many people these days have air purifying plantsThese indoor plants can be placed anywhere in your home. This is a proven fact that plants have the capacity to improve the air.

We spend most of our time in our homes, which exposes us to indoor air pollution. Some of the causes of indoor air pollution are furnishings, paint, dry-cleaned clothes, cleaning products, carpet, bacteria, mould, synthetic building materials, and much more. We do not realize that even indoors, we are facing pollution. So here, plants can really help us out in purifying the air. Air pollution even increases more when there is a lack of a proper ventilation system in the home. Headaches, nausea, tiredness etc are some of the symptoms. Following are some of the benefits of having indoor plants:

  • Reduce irritation to eyes- Indoor pollution can lead to redness in the eyes and also to the ears, nose, and throat. If not taken care of or if ignored, this can further lead to huge circumstances.
  • Reduces stress- We always wish to have a place where we can calm ourselves down. Plants in the home corners give a very aesthetic and pleasant look which helps us in relaxing. Also, it reduces our stress and keeps our minds cool. Plants help us in refreshing our mood.
  • Sharpen your attention- Many people have observed that indoor plants help them to stay attentive and make them feel alive. Also, this helps them in improving their concentration. Indoor plants help in sharpening the mind and help to focus more.
  • Reduces boredom- Because of the indoor plants, your place will look very appealing to the eyes. This will add a pop of colour if you have a boring interior. The blooming flowers will give life to the place and make a good place for you to sit.
  • Makes recovery process faster- Indoor plants will help in increasing your healing process if you are ill.
  • Improve quality air- This is one of the main reasons for having indoor plants as the reason is already said above. It will improve the air quality and save you from all the health issues.

So above are some of the main benefits of having indoor plants. Now, if you are also wondering about getting these, you can easily find them online. To know more about indoor plants, some of the best indoor plants for air-purifying are mentioned below:

  • Garden mum- This is one of the popular indoor plants which helps in air purifying. This can be kept indoor with less than 10 hours of sunlight. Just know that these plants are toxic to pets, so keep them away from pet animals. You can keep them outside in spring when winter is almost gone.
  • Spider plant- This is a great choice for those who are beginners in keeping indoor plants. They demand indirect sunlight and are very low maintenance. Also, these plants produce flowers that turn out to be baby spider plants. These can be transferred into other pots and can be gifted to others.
  • Dracaena- There are varieties of options available in Dracaena. Know that they require bit large spaces to be planted and also do not require to be watered but misted. It is advised to keep them away from cats and dogs as this plant turns out to be toxic for them. They grow nearly 3 feet tall, so they require large spaces.
  • Weeping fig/Ficus- This is one of the low-maintenance plants which brings in beauty and requires no sunlight. You can even leave it without watering. This plant can reach up to 10 feet, which looks amazing. You can even place it outside in winters to make your outdoors look amazing.
  • Peace lily- This is an ideal plant for small places as it is very small in size. You can place peace lilies in a shady spot as it does not require much sunlight. Also, it does not require much water; just moist soil is more than enough. These are easy to grow and look very appealing to the eyes, especially in summers. Make sure this plant is not eaten by any child or pets.
  • Boston fern- This is one of the best indoor plants which helps in purifying the air and gives a cool effect. It does not require direct sunlight, so they are easy to grow indoor. Know that they are easy to grow but require their soil to be moist. Keep a regular check on the soil, whether it is moist or not. Also, water it properly once a month for its maintenance.
  • Snake plant- This plant can easily survive in dry conditions and does not require to be watered regularly. This is one of the easiest options to have as an indoor plant for air purifying.
  • Aloe vera- This plant has medicinal properties and is great for air purifying as well. The leaves of this plant have gel consistency fluid which acts great to heal any wound. It is antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties.

So, above are some top indoor plants which are great for air purifying. For more, you can search for them online and even get them from there. You can also contact ‘Root Bridges’ for amazing plants online at much affordable costs. It is one of the Exotic plant stores at the lowest online prices. You will get amazing plants and pots at very reasonable prices. You can visit them online and explore their plants. For more details, you can head over to their website and contact them for anything.

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