Hoya Krimson Queen Care Guide


The Hoya Krimson Queen are very popular and easy to grow plants. These wax plants are vining plants that need little to no coddling. Hoya krimson queen plant is a popular variety among Hoyas and it is one of my favorite Hoya plants.

Hoya krimson queen plant flowers are pinkish/red and they appear in the summer months. Leaves are green and this plant usually grows to 6 feet tall with proper care. Hoya krimson queen plants are also known as Hoya Bleeding Heart.

Follow my care guide with some basic tips and tricks for your plant. You'll see how your Hoya plants grow like weeds!

Hoya Genus Plants- Types of Hoya

Hoya genus contains hundreds of Hoya species. Hoya is a native plant from Asia and the most popular types of Hoya plants are:

  • Hoya carnosa,
  • Hoya kerrii,
  • Hoya pubicalyx,
  • Hoya krimson queen,
  • Hoya trimitandra,
  • Hoya bella,
  • Hoya spangleriana,
  • Hoya australis.

Care hints for all Hoya types:

Hoya plants are also called wax plants that need little care to grow. Hoya plants are extremely popular among indoor growers because Hoya plants are easy to grow.

Hoyas can be divided into two categories: Climbing Hoya Plants and Hoya shrub Hoya plants.

Hoyas prefer bright indirect sunlight and warm temperature between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hoya caring should include: watering Hoya from below with distilled water. Misting Hoya leaves with regular spray bottle or Hoya plant sprayer. Hoya plants need water at least once a week and humidity of 70%.

Hoya genus is easy to care for and Hoya plant care includes light fertilization every 2-3 months with Hoya specific fertilizer.

Hoya genus plants contain wax and they all need similar caring to grow well. For example, Hoya carnosa is a great Hoya plant for beginners as it is one of the easiest Hoyas to care for.

Hoya plants transfer their leaves so they can produce more energy for growth and flowering.

About Hoya krimson queen

Hoya krimson queen is also known as Hoya Red heart or Hoya Singapore String. This plant originates from Philippines.

You will easily identify Hoya krimson queen plant. This plant has thick stems, long green leaves, and pinkish/red flowers. Hoya krimson queen also features heart-shaped leaves with small hairy baby plants growing from its stem. Flowers have 5 petals and remind of Hoya HCC flowers.

Scientific name: Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen'

Genus: Hoya

Popular name: Hoya HCC, Hoya krimson queen, Hoya Singapore String

Family: Asclepiadaceae (greek name)

Origin: Philippines

Growth rate: fast-growing plant. Hoya krimson queen grows to 6 feet tall with proper care. If you want Hoya krimson queen to be smaller, you need to trim your Hoya.

Height: Hoya krimson queen grows from 6-12

Hardiness zone: Zone 10.

Growth habit: Hoya krimson queen is a vine Hoya species type.

Toxicity: Hoya krimson queen has poisonous sap that if ingested, may cause stomach issues.

Climate: Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen' prefers warm climate with average humidity of 70%.

Where to get it: Hoya krimson queen is easy to buy. Hoya krimson queen can be bought from Hoya plant suppliers or at any local plant store.

Where to grow Hoya krimson queen?

Hoya krimson queen can grow in plant containers or flower pots. If you live somewhere with a cold climate Hoya krimson queen may not survive a winter. However, this plant can grow inside if you provide proper care.

How to Care for Hoya krimson queen?


Hoya HCC prefers bright indirect sunlight. This plant needs 4-5 hours of direct sunlight or at least 8-10 hours of proper lighting. Also, this Hoya does well under HPS, MH, or fluorescent lights.


It grows best in warm temperatures between 20-30 degrees Celsius. But, this plant can not survive cold weather.

Remember that Hoya HCC is a tropical plant. This plant does not survive cold wintertime or frost, so it should be kept indoors during fall/winter time- or it may die!


The plant needs regular watering with good drainage for healthy growth. Hoya HCC needs little care to grow and should be watered once a week from below with distilled water.

It is important to let the soil dry between two waterings. Hoya HCC does not like wet feet so do not give Hoya HCC too much water.


The plant prefers 70% humidity and loves high humidity, especially in dry air-conditioned homes or in wintertime when Hoya HCC is located inside the house.


It is best to use Hoya potting mix and help your plant to grow well. Use potting mix with perlite, vermiculite, and peat moss. Hoya HCC could be grown in regular soil but needs more watering and less acidic soil to survive.

Make sure that the flower pot or container has enough holes at the bottom for drainage.


It should be fertilized every 2-3 months with plant fertilizer. If your Hoya HCC grows very well you can fertilize it every 3-4 months.

This plant is sensitive to chemical fertilizer so make sure to use proper plant food. There are lot of organic fertilizers available on market.

Trimming Hoya

As an aggressive grower, it's best to trim Hoya HCCs regularly. It grows fast so you will need to trim your Hoya HCC every 4-6 weeks.

It may get leggy or might grow into the windows and easily could fall down. Trim Hoya HCC to keep it in shape and it will continue to grow faster. Besides, Every Hoya carnosa will grow long vines and produce more flowers if you trim it.


As an aggressive grower, this Hoya needs to be repotted every one-two years. When grows too big, you need to repot it into a larger container or planter.

This way the plant will grow more flowers and it will produce new Hoyas.


This plant is easy to propagate. It will produce new Hoyas if you just cut about 5-6 inches off Hoya HCC.

You can also take a small piece of Hoya HCC and let it grow in water or soil. The best time for propagating Hoya krimson queen is in spring or summertime.

Pests and Diseases

There are no serious pests or diseases for this plant. It can be infested with mealy bugs, aphids, and scale insects.

If your plant is infected, you should remove it from other plants to prevent spreading the disease to other Hoyas.

Insecticidal soap sprays could kill pests, so you should spray them with this type of soap.

Hoya HCC is a very strong plant and it can survive even if there are a lot of visible pests.

Common Issues

Hoya is also prone to rot, which may occur if Hoya HCC isn't watered properly or doesn't get enough sunlight.

If your Hoya rots, the stem will turn black and rot from the inside out. If you find your Hoya HCC rotting, remove it immediately to prevent it from spreading to other Hoya plants.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Hoya krimson queen a vine Hoya?

A: Yes, this is a vine Hoya. This plant has long vines and beautiful dark red flowers which will add beauty to your home or office.

Q: How to take care Hoya krimson queen ?

A: Hoya krimson queen is a very easy Hoya plant. It can grow even in low light conditions. This plant needs regular watering with good drainage for healthy growth.

Q: What if leaves on my plant become yellow?

A: Hoya HCC needs proper watering and fertilizing. If  it's under-watered or over-fertilized, it will cause yellowing of the leaves on yor plant.

Q: How to remove aphids from my Hoya?

A: Hoya HCC is highly susceptible to pests like aphids, mealybugs, and scale insects. It can be treated with insecticidal soap spray.

Final Thoughts

As you could read, my dear gardeners, Hoya HCC is a very easy plant to take care of. It's a low-maintenance plant. This beautiful Hoya with specific leaves-dark pink on top and dark purple bottom leaves makes this Hoya unique.

I hope you find this article helpful when taking care of your Hoya HCC. This is a great Hoya plant to grow in your home, apartment, or office. It will add beauty and make you feel calm and relaxed.

If you like my article, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about my tips and tricks for caring for your Hoya krimson queen.

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