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We all love nature and feel good when we are around it. Every element of nature lightens up our mood and makes everything pleasant. The best way to bring nature to your home is to have plants in your home. Plants can act as a décor piece and add colour to the interior of the house. You can place an indoor plant in the corner of your house or can make a little garden on your home balcony. This way, you can increase the positivity in your home and decorate your place at the same time. Many of us are fond of keeping plants, so having small balcony gardens is always a great idea.

While looking for flower plants, we wish to get the best ones that brighten up your place. Also, we visit many local nurseries but are never able to find the good ones. As in a small garden balcony, we have limited space; we wish to get the beautiful ones. Also, while looking for the plants, we come across various pants which grow in the pot or directly in the soil. If you have a little space, the pot planters are the only option left. We also have to consider the factors like the amount of sunlight your balcony receives so that you pick the plants accordingly. In case there is little or no sunlight on your balcony, you have to go for those plants which survive in the shade. Also, consider that if you want a pop of colours on your balcony, go for the plants which have different colour of flowers in different shapes and sizes.

If you are wondering which flowers you can add to your home garden, the following points will help you:

  • Zinnias- These are bright colour flowers and are one of the easiest ones to grow. They are beautiful flowers and multiply quickly. This flower attracts butterflies and other pollinators, so this turns out to be great for the vegetables. So you can grow this plant near vegetables to have a good harvest.
  • Torenia- This beautiful flower is also known as the wishbone flower. This flower has two colours which include white, purple, and pink. Hummingbirds keep flying around this flower. They also come in yellow colour. If you are looking for some plants to keep in the shade, this is the right choice. The bright colour of this flower will bring a new life to your place.
  • Petunias- These flowers bloom in different colours like red, pink, white, purple, and much more. This has a very light floral fragrance, and you can feel it while sitting next to them. These flowers are small, so they can be hung as well on the balcony. But know that these flowers need a good amount of sunlight; otherwise, they won’t survive.
  • Morning glories- If you love vine plants, this is an ideal choice for you. Growing them in the pot works right so that you can give them support to grow. These usually grow up to 15 inches or even more. They come in many colours like pink, purple, blue, white etc. You can grow different colours together, as it looks very appealing to the eyes. Also, they require sunlight but avoid keeping them in cold temperatures. You can water them after 1-2 days but know that they will bloom more when their soil is moist.
  • Marigolds- These are very common plants and are always the first choice of everyone. The reason is that these are very low-maintenance and are bright in colour. They fill in the space in very little time as they require very less time to bloom. Also, another reason to keep this plant is that its fragrance avoids pests and other insects that might harm your plants. So with marigolds, you will have less harmful pests in your little balcony garden.
  • Impatiens- Many people think that no flower or plant blooms in the shade; well, it is not exactly true. Impatiens are flowers that bloom in the shade and look very pretty. They will easily survive in less or no sunlight. Just make sure to keep them moist and well-draining soil. Expect them to bloom in spring and summer if you take good care of them.
  • Geraniums- If you get plenty of sunlight in your home balcony, geraniums is one of the best options. You can grow them in pots. They are in many colours like pink, purple, white, blue, and some are multi-coloured as well. They smell very nice and require much attention. Make sure they are placed in the area where they get direct sunlight and also water them regularly.
  • Fuchsia- You will find this plant in various colours and shapes. Because of their unique look, many love to have them on their balcony. They are available in the colours like pink, white, purple, orange, and red. Some also call these flowers chandeliers because of their hanging stems. Just keep in mind that while planting them, you use fertile and moist soil.
  • Dianthus- These belong to the family of carnations, and you will find them in plenty of colours. This is one of a must-have on your balcony. They can be easily grown in containers. Dianthus needs 5-6 hours of sunlight to bloom.
  • Begonias- These are available in many colour options like red, white, pink, orange etc. All they just need is fertile and moist soil. Also, the best part is they don’t require sunlight. So you can place them in any corner, or you can hang them as well.

So above are some of the flowers best for a small balcony garden. For these and more options, you can contact ‘Root Bridges’. They have plenty of options for you at much reasonable costs. You can contact them online and select the ones you like the most. Before choosing, just make sure how much sunlight your balcony gets so that you can choose accordingly. Even if having a small space, you can set the place with flowers all around.

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