Vertical Leaf Senecio Succulent

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The Vertical Leaf Succulent or the Propeller succulent has vertical ranks of silver-grey laterally positioned purple rimmed flattened fleshy leaves. This Senecio succulent loves the sun and will get bright purple edges with more sunlight.

When the sun is in its most intense position, directly overhead, the plant has just a leaf edge facing the sun which moisture from evaporating. Because the plant's leaf edges point up and down, rather than the conventional flat surface its also called the Propeller Plant. The beauty of the plant is in its ease of growth and fits perfectly for rock gardens. 

Dimensions of Potted Plant: L x B x H ~ 3.5" x 3.5" x 4"
Growth Medium: Cocopeat
Pot Description: Square Potted Plant

Basic Care Guide

Light: Direct sunlight for 3-4 hours daily

Water: Once in 7-8 days.

            Keep away from exposure to rain

Feed: Generally not required unless plant is growing actively

Native Region


Botanical Name

Senecio Crassissimus




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