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Spider Plant

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One of the most popular of all houseplants, spider plant is a grasslike, clump forming, evergreen perennial in the lily family. It has long thin leaves that grow small white flowers along outward arching wiry stalks. After the flowers form small fruits, little tufts of leaves - baby spider plants - develop on the stalks. These little "spiders" can be easily repotted or take root wherever they touch the ground. This top clean air plants are not only tough indoor houseplants but they make wonderful “test plants” for those looking to learn about plant care.

Basic Care Guide

Light: Indoor or semi-shade with 2-3 hours sunlight

Water: Alternate days

Feed: General purpose fertilizer every 2 weeks

Common Names

Musli मुस्ली (Hindi), Airplane Plant

Native Region

South Africa

Botanical Name

Chlorophytum Comosum


Liliaceae (Lily family)

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