Selaginella Clubmoss

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The Selaginella Kraussiana moss is a charming, low-growing moss that produces a dense mass of tiny scaled foliage. This plant is easy to care for and enjoys humid settings such as a bathroom or kitchen. This plant is ideal for terrariums because it loves humidity. Its primitive fern-like leaves spread via rooting stems. Kraussiana is commonly referred to as club moss because of its unique branching style. This plant is great for carpeting flora in terrain-based enclosures because of its rapid growth outward, easily covering the soil in a relatively short amount of time.

Growth Medium: Soil and Cocopeat mix
Pot Description: Round plastic pot

How to Care for Selaginella Plants

With good light and adequate humidity and Selaginella grow for many years

Light: Bright but indirect sunlight. Direct harsh rays should be avoided as they can dry up the soil. Filtering sunlight through curtains works well. You can rotate the plant, once in a while, to encourage even growth.

Water: Every alternate day. Soil should be moist at all times but not soggy/overwatered. 

            The leaf turning yellow is a sign of low humidity. To boost humidity, you can either spray/mist or group it with other houseplants as they add moisture to the air as they breathe. 

Feed: Liquid fertiliser every two weeks.

You can add a tiny pinch of epsom salt to the water and use it once in six months to make the leaves greener.

Native Region

South Africa

Common Names

Selaginella, Club Moss, Krauss' Spikemoss, Trailing Spike Moss 'Gold Tips', African Clubmoss & Mat Spike Moss

Botanical Name

Selaginella kraussiana


Selaginellaceae, Lycopodiaceae


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