Foliage Plants Schefflera Indoor Umbrella Plant

Schefflera Indoor Umbrella Plant

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Green Schefflera is a popular houseplant because it's so easy to grow (it tolerates a range of growing conditions) and adds fun texture with its divided hand-like leaves. Because it's so tolerant, schefflera makes a good choice for living, family, dining, and bedrooms. Many people are especially fond of growing it in well-lit bedrooms because at night the houseplant is efficient at filtering indoor air pollution from the room. 

This pretty house plant grows laterally as an evergreen shrub, sometimes climbing or as an epiphyte. Besides its cute appearance, Schefflera also scores as an air freshener. The leaves do not only release oxygen, they also absorb pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Dimensions: L x B x H ~ 5" x 5"x 10"
Growth Medium: Soil and Cocopeat mix
Pot Description: 4" Round Plastic Pot

How To Care for Schefflera

Schefflera can live long happy lives with proper care and culture.

Light: Medium to bright light.

Water: Two to three times a week.

Feed: Liquid fertiliser once a month.

Native Region

South China & Taiwan

Common Names

Umbrella Plant, Arbicola, Green Schefflera, Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Botanical Name

Schefflera Arbicola 



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