Sansevieria Snake Plant Pack (2 Plants)


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Snake Plants, or Mother-in-Law's Tongue, as they're sometimes jokingly called, are some to the top air-purifying plants, and the need of the hour, no matter where you live in India. If you don't know which air purifiers to buy, close your eyes and go for the NASA recommended plants. What's better, is that they are known to give oxygen at night. Do we need to give you any more reasons to get these plants home? Our Sansevieria pack includes - 

1 x Snake Plant Compacta

1 x Snake Plant Superba

We may interchange the plants with the following varieties depending on the seasonal health of the plants.

1 x Snake Plant Moonshine

1 x Snake Plant Boncel

1 x Golden Snake Plant
1 x Snake Plant Samurai

How to Care for Sansevieria Plants

We've curated this pack keeping busy gardeners in mind because none of these plants asks for too much. 

Light - Keep them in a bright spot. A dark corner is no good for any plant. If you're one of the lucky few people who have sunlight at home, that's great. But even a well-lit spot is good enough.

Water - Snake Plants will be happy with even one thorough weekly watering.

Feed - Any feed including organic plant foods once a month will do.

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