River Euphorbia Cactus

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River Euphorbia or the African Milk Succulent  is a spiny, succulent tree with angled, segmented branches. . It has an upright stem and number of branches that also grow upward. The stem and branches can have two or three sides. The stem itself is dark green with V-shaped light green patterns.

If you like to grow cacti, the River Euphorbia will fit into your collection with ease.

Be wary of their formidable thorns!

Dimensions of Potted Plant: L x B x H ~ 3" x 3" x 6"
Growth Medium: Cocopeat
Pot Description: Round Plastic Pot

Basic Care Guide

Top tip to grow Euphorbia succulents - the more the sun, the rosier the colour, the happier the plant.

Light: Sunlit with 3-4 hours of direct sunlight daily

Water: Once in 10 days.

            Keep away from exposure to rain

Feed: Generally not required unless plant is growing actively

Native Region

Central Africa

Botanical Name

Euphorbia Triangularis, Euphorbia Trigona



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