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Weight: 500 g
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  • 100% natural soil conditioner
  • Resistant to bacteria and fungus
  • Conserves water, promotes healthy plant growth, & improves soil quality
  • Providing extra aeration to the roots
Enrich the soil in your garden with our high quality perlite. If gardening is a hobby of yours and you spend a lot of time tending to your plants, then perlite is a must-have. This perlite is a 100% natural product, which is useful for healthy plant growth. Perlite is a volcanic glass that is mined and then heated in big ovens until it 'pops' into a round, white material. That white material is used in seed-starting and potting mixtures to lighten the soil, allow more air around the roots of plants. It helps to retain water and improve drainage in the potting mix by providing aeration.

The principal value of perlite in any potting medium is providing aeration and improving water drainage. The surface area of perlite particles contains tiny cavities that hold moisture while the particles themselves create tunnels in the mixture that allow air and water to flow freely to the roots. These properties make it helpful for gardening. Whether your interest lies in horticulture or floriculture, this soil additive will prove useful for just about any type of plant, being a very handy medium for the germination of seeds. Perlite has the capacity to retain a high amount of moisture, which in turn helps with water conservation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Excellent product

Thanks for reminding me. I used it in my Australian hibiscus potting soil during the repotting.
Now it is working well for it's granular form. I am highly satisfied with this perlite. Thanks Root Bridges.

J.S. (Ahmedabad, IN)

pleased with purchase

s.s. (Iowa City, US)

Buy Perlite for Plants Online

Manish Rokde (Mumbai, IN)

Buy Perlite for Plants Online

Joyce F

Great product

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