Peperomia Axillaris Succulent

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Peperomia axillaris is a stunning, miniature succulent plant from Peru with beautiful, exotic upright form. Its longish foliage grows in tight clumps that is shaped like peapods with a green stripe on top. Their translucent leaves curve along the top of the leaf and allow sunlight to irradiate the leaf interior. Axillaris are easy to grow succulents, and perfect for indoor pots. They like to grow in tight pots with moist soil. Unlike most succulents, Peperomia axillaris prefer not to dry out completely between watering.  Take this succulent home if you like plants that you won't find anywhere else.

Dimensions of Potted Plant: L x B x H ~ 3" x 3" x 4.5"
Growth Medium: Cocopeat
Pot Description: Square Potted Plant

Basic Care Guide

Light: Direct sunlight for 2-3 hours daily

Water: Once in 7-10 days.

            Keep away from exposure to rain

Feed: Generally not required unless plant is growing actively

Common Name

Peperomia Axillaris

Native Region

Peru & Ecquador

Botanical Name

Peperomia axillaris




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