Oxalis Butterfly Plant


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The Oxalis Butterfly Plant, also known as the purple shamrock is an uncommon plant with very deep purple foliage. Its leaves are triangular and typically grow in groups of three. At night (or on particularly cloudy days) they fold up almost like an umbrella, but they open up again with the morning light. The plant bears tiny flowers that are a white to pale pink or lavender color. 

Please Note - This plant may be wilted at the time of delivery. Please water it well, it will recover within a couple of days.

Oxalis triangularis are highly “photophilic,” which means that they open and close not just their blooms, but also their leaves in response to light. At night, neatly folded, oxalis triangularis looks like a cluster of little purple butterflies that then open wide to the morning light. Both the vivid purple color of its leaves and this constant slow motion seems to enchant all who grow it – even “non-gardeners” fall in love this charming beauty. To capitalize on its unusual coloring, containers in silver or chartreuse are especially effective. The striking purple in the foliage make it a great decorative plant to add to your home, and its good for you too!

Incredibly long lived, oxalis triangularis often become "heirloom plants" passed down from generation to generation within a family. We often hear customers’ stories of the plants becoming a cherished family tradition. 

Dimensions of Potted Plant: L x B x H ~ 6" x 6"x 8"
Growth Medium: Cocopeat and Soil mix
Pot: Round Plastic Pot

Basic Care Guide

Light: Indirect sunlight to full shade

Water: Alternate Days

Feed: General purpose liquid fertilizer once in 2 weeks

Common Names

False Shamrock, Purple Shamrock, Butterfly Plant, Purple Oxalis, Wood Sorrel

Native Region

South America

Botanical Name


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Customer Reviews

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Smita nair (Chennai, IN)


S.D.R. (Noida, IN)

The plant quality was good but better packing could have kept the leaves from getting crushed and thereby weakening the plant.

A.A. (Nellore, IN)

The plants were healthy.oxalis looked great only few leaves were crushed because the package was crushed but plants were safe.Thank you for the healthy plants.

Harsimran Kaur (Ludhiana, IN)

Try to post pics if u can

Patel Dipika (Ahmedabad, IN)

Ok Bad

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