Monstera Deliciosa Albo Plant


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The Monstera Deliciosa 'Also' is the alpha of indoor plants with an established place in art and interior design. You can commonly find pictures of the Variegated Monstera leaf printed on pillows, framed on walls and even hanging solo in a glass vases, as they can be grown hydroponically. The peacock feathers of this beauty are the fenestrations (read - holes) in its massive air purifying leaves. These holes are reason its also called the Swiss Cheese Plant or the Hurricane Plant (wind can blow through without tearing the leaves). Though the plant is toxic, especially to pets, it bears extremely sweet fruit, giving it the name Deliciosa. Buy Monstera plants online for the first time in India from Root Bridges and show them off as the prized possessions they are.

Dimensions: L x B x H ~ 8" x 8"x 20"
Growth Medium: Soil and Cocopeat mix
Pot Description: Round plastic pot

How to Care for Monstera Plants?

Monstera are large growing plants in the right conditions, which are not hard to create.

Light: Bright indirect sunlight with not too much of either sun or shade

Water: Two to three times a week 

Feed: Liquid fertiliser once a month

Native Region

Mexico, Panama and other parts of Tropical America

Common Names

Swiss Cheese Plant, Hurricane Plant, Mexican Breadfruit, Split Leaf Philodendron

Botanical Name

Monstera deliciosa 'albo'



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