Maximus Soil Enriching Additive (1 Kg)

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  • Foliar Spray helps make nutrient availability faster i.e quickly reverses nutrient deficiency
  • Amino acid present in our product, helps increasing chlorophyll concentration in plants, thus providing you lush green, shiny and healthy plants.
  • This also acts as an anti -stress by providing support to the plants during adverse conditions
  • Plant growth promoting substances promote earlier flowering, stronger fruit set, and stronger, faster stem and leaf development
  • Maximus is an ecofriendly & easy to use product brought to you by IndoLife Super Specialties
Maximus Liquid is specially developed Oceanic Plant extract, designed for Foliar Spray in Kitchen Garden, Lawns, Nursery beds, and potted plants.

Key Composition- Oceanic Plant extract, Microbial Metabolites, Amino Acids, Humic Substances, Polysaccharides and other plant nutrients.

Oceanic extracts are rich source of Growth promoting substances, stimulants & plant hormones.

Directions for Use -
1. Shake the bottle well before use.
2. 3-5 ml of Maximus Liquid dilute with one Liter of water
3. Spray on leaves using spray bottle.
4. Wet the leaves by spraying diluted Maximus Liquid.
5. Use once every fortnight (15 days).

Useful Tips:
1.Morning and evening time is better for application
2.Avoid over watering or allowing plants to dry out
3.Do not apply undiluted
4.Always read enclosed leaflet
5.We recommend gloves while gardening

A product of Indolife Garden Care

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