Maximus Slow Release Biostimulant Granules

Weight: 500 g
Sale priceRs. 325.00


  • Oceanic extracts & root  promoting substances available helps in triggered elongation and cell division, thus promising a healthy growth for your plants
  • Help in increasing root bulk, thus help plant in better uptake of soil nutrients & water.
  • Helps improving fine soil condition and water retention
  • Granular soil formulation provides food to the soil microbes which help in organic matter decomposition, mineralization, and detoxification of pollutants and overall helps improving soil and plant health.
  • Maximus Granules are brought to you by IndoLife Super Specialties

Maximus Granules is a specially designed formulation for use in Kitchen Gardens, Lawns, Nursery beds and Pots for Soil Application. It is a microbiological research product derived from oceanic plant extract.

Key Composition- Oceanic Plant extract, Microbial Metabolites, Amino Acids, Humic Substances, Polysaccharides and other plant nutrients.
Carrier- Silica rich granules

5-6" 10-15 g
9-10" 15-20 g
12-14" 20-25 g

Useful Tips:
1.We recommend gloves while gardening.
2.Avoid over watering or allowing plants to dry out.
3.Always read enclosed leaflet
Phytotoxicity: Phytotoxicity has not been reported, when used as recommended.

A product of Indolife Garden Care

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