Mammillaria Rubrispina Cactus

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Mammillarias are small cacti with globose or short cylindrical stems which grow either alone or in clumps. They are extremely drought tolerant and need great drainage. One of the sweetest and most charming cactus varieties are the Mammillaria. This family of plants is generally small, clustered and widely found as houseplants. Most types of Mammillaria are native to Mexico and the name comes from the Latin “nipple,” referring to the standard appearance of most of the plants. The Rubripina is a superb gold and bronze-red spined woolly and bristly cactus. This one is a rare find and a must-have for collectors who are looking for a rare and unique succulent.

Dimensions of Potted Plants: L x B x H ~ 3" x 3" x 5"
Growth Medium: Coco Peat
Pot Description: Square Plastic Pot

How to Care for Mammillaria Cactus

Light: Full sunlight

Water: Once in 7 days with protection from direct exposure to rain

Feed: Not required unless the plant is growing actively

Common Names

Carmen pincushion cactus

Native Region


Botanical Name

Mammilaria carmenae rubrispina



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