Lifesaver Cactus

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The flowers of Huernia zebrina look like they come right out of a fantasy movie: a corolla consisting of zebra-striped red and cream-colored petals with a raised, glossy, rubber-like burgundy ring in the center called annulus. This gave the houseplant its common name, lifesaver plant or lifebuoy plant.

Huernia zebrina is a small perennial succulent that grows in a creeping pattern. You might think that a plant that stunning is difficult to grow but it’s not, it is actually low maintenance, as long as it’s in a pot with the right potting soil and excellent drainage, and watered correctly.

Its flowers can have a slightly foul odour, hence its other name, the Carrion Flower. Some tribes in Africa are known to eat it when other food is hard to find.

Dimensions of Potted Plants: L x B x H ~ 3" x 3" x 5"
Growth Medium: Coco Peat
Pot Description: Square Plastic Pot

How to Care for Lifesaver Cactus Plants

Light: 2-3 direct sunlight

Water: Once in 7 days with protection from direct exposure to rain

Feed: Half strength feed every 2 months

Common Names

Lifesaver Plant, Lifesaver Cactus, Carrion Flower, Lifebouy plant

Native Region

South Africa

Botanical Name

Huernia zebrina



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