Jade Crassula Succulent Bonsai

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Our Jade bonsai is one of our prized plants which is ideal for people looking for easy to maintain bonsai. The plant comes with a thick stem, full of leaves, and well branched. This Crassula is an easy to shape succulent bonsai that is recommended for good luck by Feng Shui.

Dimensions: L x B x H ~ 4" x 4" x 10"
Growth Medium: Sandy Soil Mix
Pot Description: Square Ceramic Pot

Basic Care Instructions

Light: Outdoors in full sunlight

Water: Sparingly daily but avoid direct rain

Do not allow the plant to be exposed to direct rain and stay continuously moist as too much water will kill the plant.

Feed: Fertilise every 15 days

Common Names


Botanical Name

Crassula Ovata




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