Good Luck Feng Shui Pack (3 Plants)


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This custom pack consists of 3 plants that are famously gifted in the hope of bringing prosperity to the receiver according to the principles of Feng Shui. These are the top plants used for green gifting for a housewarming or corporate gifting. Each pack consists of -

1 x 2 Layer Lucky Tall Bamboo Plant

1 x Jade Plant (Crassula Argentea)

1 x Crassula Ovata

Please note - We pack our plants to ensure no damage in transit and hence do not provide decorative packing for gifting the plants.


For the Jade and Crassula Ovata, please follow the following instructions - 

Light - Like all Crassula, the Jade needs direct sunlight for atleast 2-3 hours daily. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an indoor plant.

Water - Twice a week

Feed - Any feed including organic plant foods once a month will do.

For the Lucky Bamboo, follow these care instructions -

Light - Like all Dracaena, this is one of the most forgiving plants. Keep it in any indoor spot, a bright one being ideal.

Water - Change the water of the plant twice a week to ensure aeration of the roots.

Feed - Any liquid feed including organic plant foods once a month will do.

Each plant typically comes in a black 4" plastic pot. Our regular customers will know that we also throw in your monthly fertiliser dose with each order.

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