Gift - o - Garden Gardening Kit


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Gift O Garden, IndoLife’s Gardening Kit, is a user friendly Gardening kit , which will add fun to your life along with a sense of responsibility to raise plants  from seeds to flowers.

Usage Instructions-

1) Put on your Gardening Gloves

2) Soak the  2 Cocopeat Coins in a cup of water each , for about30sec-1 min till the coins expand fully.

3) Mix each of the expanded coco peat with 150 -200 gm of  Maximus Soil mix  (Please refer to the MFG & EXP Date on the pack and application  method in the product  instruction leaflet).

4) Fill  the above mixture in the 2 Coir Pots provided, up to the neck.

5) Now take the 2 seed balls and place them 2 cm deep in the growing medium for each pot.

6) Add little  water after sowing which is required for the seeds to germinate.

7) Once germinated to an optimum size, transplant these seedlings into the main pot .

8) Through ring method, apply Maximus Granules (10 -15 gm) (near the roots and cover it with soil. Apply water after application. (Please refer to the MFG & EXP Date on the pack and application  method in the product instruction leaflet)

9) Once the foliage develops well, spray Maximus Liquid 3-5 ml/litre of water ,on both the  surface of the leaves. (Please refer to the MFG & EXP Date on the pack and application  method in the product instruction leaflet).

Instruction Leaflet


Maximus Soil Mix

Application Method- Mix 15-20 cm top soil with help of spade

Dosage- For 5-6” Pots-100 gm; 9-10”- 150 gm ;12-14”- 200 gm;

                For Vegetable Garden- 3-5 kg/m² ; Nursery Beds : 2-3 Kg/ m²

Benefits -

  • Rich chemical free growing media helps to promote stronger roots.
  • Clay minerals present prevents soil compaction, improves aeration and optimizes moisture retention in the soil.
  • Decomposed organic matter provides nutrition to plants for healthy growth.
  • Coco peat increases water holding capacity of soil, thus prevents frequent watering of plants.

Maximus Granules

Application Method- By ring method, near the roots of the plants

Dosage- For 5-6” Pots-10 to 15 gm; 9-10”- 15-20 gm ;12-14”- 20-25 gm;

                For Broadcasting- 200 to 300 gms per M²area

  • Oceanic extracts & root  promoting substances available helps in triggered elongation and cell division; increases the root bulk and facilitates better uptake of soil nutrients & water by plants
  • Granular soil formulation provides food to the soil microbes which help in organic matter decomposition, mineralization and helps in improving soil and plant health.
  • Maximus Granules are safe to apply to indoor plants as well.

Maximus Liquid

Application Method- Spray Method

Dosage- 3-5 ml/Litre of water on both the surface of the Leaves

  • Eco Friendly Foliar Spray which helps make nutrient availability faster ; Amino acid present in the product, helps in increasing chlorophyll concentration in plants ,thus providing lush green, shiny and healthy plants.
  • This also acts as an anti -stress agent by providing support to the plants during adverse conditions.
  • Plant growth promoting substances promotes stronger and faster stem & leaf development, early flowering and robust fruit set.


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