G5 Bio-Organic Granules

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G5 is a unique patented granular formulation for plant growth as well as for effective preventive measures against pests and fungi. 

Contents  Benefits
Amino Acid Blend - 2.5% Healthy all round growth & enhancement of plant quality
Humic Acid - 2.5% Accelerates germination, seedling vigour and root growth
Herbal Extracts - 2.5% Strengthens tolerance to diseases by repelling attacks of insects and pests
Root Rot Preventer - 2.5% Helps sterile soil & root zone by killing harmful fungi which cause root rot
Sea Weed Extract - 4.5%

Accelerates foliage and reproductive growth of plants


Use 25 g of G5 granules per plant for flowering, ornamental and fruit plants every 15 days


Apply near roots in a circular motion separately or along with other fertilizers and manures. Water the plant after spreading the granules.

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