Fertilizers Florica Flowering Stimulant Liquid Feriliser

Florica Flowering Stimulant Liquid Feriliser

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  • Nitroflorica is a unique flowering stimulant, yield booster and plant guard all in one of the best liquid fertilisers.
  • This fertiliser is made of amino acid and phytochemicals.
  • This scientifically made fertiliser brings about vegetative growth.
  • It induces profuse flowering in plants and hence increases yield considerably
  • Octradecatrinal  is a phytochemical which helps in resisting epidermal penetration of various sucking pests as well as fungi.
  • It also exhibits anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.


Brings about overall growth of plants by making plant cell strong
Stimulate cell division
Increases Chlorophyl content
Increases number of flowers and fruits of plants
Increases number of lateral roots as well roots hairs. Ensures water and mineral absorption

L-Glycine: 1.6% w/w
Octradecadienoic Acid: 1.4% w/w
9,12,15 - Octradecatrienal: 0.6% w/w
Aqua: Q.S.
Total: 100%

Use once every 2 weeks for best results
Note: Shake bottle well before use
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