Ficus Benjamina

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Ficus Benjamina is a house plant favourite at our nursery and sure to add character to your plant collection. These plants have pointy long and very cute green leaves. Though they do need some sunlight, they are very tolerant of indoor spaces and fairly easy to grow plants. Ficus are also one of most common plants used for making bonsai as they can be bent and shaped with ease. Forest style bonsai and landscapes welcome these Ficus so you should feel free to experiment with them!

Fertilise your ficus well and give it plenty of sunlight and it's sure to bear small fruit too!

Dimensions of Potted Plant: L x B x H ~ 5" x 5" x 8"

How to Care for Ficus

Ficus like their sunlight and water so give them as much of it as possible

Water: Alternate Days

Light: Direct Sunlight for 2-3 hours daily

Feed: Once a month

Common Name(s): 

Weeping Fig, benjamin tree, golden fig, Java fig, tropic-laurel, Chinese banyan

Native Region

India, China

Botanical Name
Ficus Benjamina




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