Dieffenbachia Ami

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Dieffenbachia is one of the best and most common indoor houseplants. This tropical shrub shows off lush leaves that are usually marked in shades of cream, yellow, or white, making dieffenbachia a top pick for brightening dim corners indoors. Dieffenbachia adds bright colour and texture without flowers. 

Because it grows upright, it's an excellent choice to grow along an empty wall or near a large piece of furniture. It adds flair and drama to bedrooms, dens, offices, and other rooms. Dieffenbachias have some of the most beautiful mix of green / white / yellow foliage you will ever find on an indoor plant. It's also quite versatile and will take some neglect and poor treatment, The delicate leaflets add softness and texture to indoor spaces making them popular on desks and tabletops. The luxuriant foliage instantly makes entryways more welcoming. 

In addition to their aesthetic features, Dieffenbachias are also air purifiers. 

Caution: Do not ingest their leaves as they are known to be mildly poisonous!

Dimensions: L x B x H ~ 4" x 4"x 8"
Growth Medium: Soil and Cocopeat mix
Pot Description: Round plastic pot

How to Grow & Care For Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia can live long happy lives with proper care and culture.

Light: Medium to bright light.

Water: Two to three times a week.

Feed: Liquid fertiliser once a month.

Native Region

Tropical parts of North & South America

Common Names

Leopard Lily, Dumb Cane

Botanical Name

Dieffenbachia spp.




Customer Reviews

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S.G. (Rupnagar, IN)

Packing could have been better. I received healthy plants. I am happy with the overall experience

P.B. (Bhubaneswar, IN)
Recieved in good condition

The plant was healthy and green when I revieved it.Only one of the leaves had turned yellowish which I had to take out.
Other two leaves are also turning yellowish I hope I will be able to save it as it is a pretty plant and would love to have it with me till the longest time.

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