Dendrobium Pink Surprise

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Orchids may not have flowering at the time of dispatch

Orchids have adapted themselves to a variety of climatic conditions. From the cold, high Himalayan habitats to warm tropical regions, they flourish everywhere. The genus or characteristic that aids this are its pseudo-bulbs which look like flower buds but are actually bulbs that store water. These kinds of orchids can go for prolonged durations without water until the medium dries out.

The life cycle of the Dendrobium orchid includes:

  • flowering phase:  winter to spring  
  • growing phase:  summer to autumn
  • dormancy: autumn to winter
Please Note: We only dispatch our healthiest plants. Hence, he plant dispatched may have flowers which are pink, purple white and a variety of shades. If you would like a specific colour please state the same in your order and we'll try our best to send that colour.
    Dimensions: L x B x H ~ 5" x 5" x 8"
    Growth Medium: Cocopeat
    Pot Description: Round Plastic Pot

    How to Care for Orchids?

    Orchids can double in size in a year with the right amount of love and care

    Light: Avoid places that receive harsh afternoon sun.

    Filtered bright sunlight through a translucent blind or curtain is ideal

    Water: Do not let it stand in water. Spray with ice-cold water.

    Feed: Liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks during summer (growing months), once a month during the rest of the year

    Common Names

    Orchids, Noble Dendrobium, Pink Orchids

    Botanical Name

    Dendrobium Nobile, Dendrobium 'Pink Surprise'



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    Dendrobium Pink Surprise

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