Cucumber Seeds

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The cucumber (Cucumis sativus L) is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, and belongs to the same family as squash and melons. It grows on a climbing plant that is 3 to 10 feet long; the plant’s tendrils allow it to cling to other plants or objects. The fruit emerges after the plant’s large yellow flowers have blossomed. Characterized by a straight, plump shape with slightly tapered ends and smooth skin with an even dark green color, English cucumbers are long and cylindrical in shape.

European, Hothouse, or English cucumbers are also known as “seedless” and even “burpless” cucumbers, and while not truly seedless, the seeds are less mature and more easily digested. In addition, the skin is thinner and the sizing is much more uniform. If you place them side by side with a garden cucumber, you will see a huge difference in the skin and seeds. They are most commonly seen wrapped in plastic as they get dehydrated easily. English cucumbers are grown in a controlled environment: a hothouse or a greenhouse. But don’t think backyard greenhouse, these are commercially grown in large indoor growing facilities.

This type of cucumber is known as a “slicing cucumber” due to the thin skin and immature seeds. Peeling and seeding an English cucumber is not necessary, as with other cucumbers.

Pack of 50 Seeds

Native Region

South Asia 

Botanical Name

Cucumis sativus



Planting Season:

Winter: October - November



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