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Few other plants can match chillies for ‘flavour for space’ ratio. One plant will often give you a hundred chillies or more. So all but the most dedicated chilli eater can usually be self sufficient in chillies with just a few plants – something very achievable, even in a tiny growing space. Any surplus chillies can easily be dried or frozen, keeping you in supply all year.

They are an annual nightshade plant and grow in clusters of small to moderately sized, round red fruits. They have soft, pinkish red flesh and a number of seeds, as well as a slightly sweet taste.


Chillies are a must add to your daily diet - no calories, great for your cardiovascular system, and they actually lower your body temperature!

Pack of 50 Seeds

Native Region


Botanical Name

Capsicum annuum



Planting Season:

Winter: October - November


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