Bottle Gourd Lauki Seeds

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Bottle Gourd also is known as Lauki is one of the healthiest and most ancient vegetables. It was mentioned in the earliest Ayurvedic texts during the Samhita period and was called Alabu. It’s the perfect food during the hot months of summer as its cooling, hydrating, moistening, and restores minerals.

When Bottle Gourd is fully ripe it has a sweet rasa (taste), cold vīrya (cools the body), and sweet vipāka (nourishes the body). It is 92% water (pure plant sap) and balances both vata and pitta, and increases kapha in a healthy way. It’s a rich source of vitamin C, B, and K as well as sodium, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Ayurvedic Uses:

• Pitta gastritis with a burning sensation, malabsorption

• Cleanses urinary bladder

• Rejuvenates liver and gall bladder function

• Improves bowel movements

• Reduces gouty arthritis

• Headache (vata or pitta type)

The easiest way to prepare a bottle gourd is to juice it. For therapeutic benefit, it’s best to have it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Only make the amount you will drink because it oxidizes (turns brown) very fast. Bottle gourd is versatile and there are many recipes for curry, dhal, chutney, raita, and much more.

Pack of 50 Seeds

Native Region

South Asia 

Botanical Name

Lagenaria siceraria



Planting Season:

Winter: October - November



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