Betel Leaf Plant (Magai Paan)

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The Betel Leaf, or Magai Paan is a creeper with glossy heart-shaped leaves that are popularly consumed in India. It is fairly easy to grow even for new plant parents with a little care. Let it climb or trail and it will be a great addition to both your collection and food habit as it is known to cool the body and provide many nutrients.

Medicinal uses: The leaves, roots and seeds are all used for medicinal purposes in Asia. Leaf preparations and the leaf sap are applied to wounds, ulcers, boils and bruises. Heated leaves are applied as a poultice on the chest against cough and asthma, on the breasts to stop milk secretion, and on the abdomen to relieve constipation. The leaves are also used to treat nosebleed, ulcerated noses, gums and mucous membranes while the extract from the leaves is applied for wounds in the ears and as an infusion for the eye. A decoction of the leaves is used to bathe a woman after childbirth or is drunk to lessen an unpleasant body odour.

Dimensions of Potted Plant: L x B x H ~ 4" x 4" x 6"
Growth Medium: Soil
Pot Description: Round Plastic Pot 

Basic Care Guide

Light: Betel leaf plants require partial shade and humidity.

Water: 2-3 times/week

Fertilizer: Feed the Betel Leaf plants every 2 months with organic-rich fertiliser.
Repotting: Repot the beetle leaf only if the plant is out of any space to grow. Even then, don’t choose a very large pot to replant because that could damage the plant.
Propagation: Betel Leaf plants can be propagated via stem cuttings. Choose a stem that is longer than 18 cm for propagation.

Common Names

Common name: Betel Vine, Betel • Hindi: पान Paan, Nagar-bel • Kannada: ವೀಳೆಯ Veeleya, ವೀಳೆಯದೆಲೆ/ಗಿಡ Veeleyada ele (leaf) ಗಿಡ (plant), ತಾಂಬೂಲ Taamboola • Malayalam: ബീടലാ Beetla, Vettila • Manipuri: Kwa • Marathi: खाव्याचे पान Khavayache-pan, naagavaela • Nepali: पान Paan • Sanskrit: ताम्बूल Tambula, नागवल्ली Nagavalli • Tamil: வெத்திலை Vettilai, Akilatam, Vetrilai • Urdu: Desi paan دیسی پان • Mizo: Panruang

Native Region


Botanical Name

Piper betle, Piper chawya, Piper malamiris, Piper densum


Piperaceae (Pepper family)


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