Foliage Plants Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica

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Alocasia is an impressive-looking beauty with massive, fan-like leaves that give it the nickname 'Elephant's Ears'. Originally from the rainforests of South-East Asia, where its foliage acts as makeshift umbrellas in tropical downpours, Alocasia blew up as a house plant in the 1950s, and still has that nostalgic, vintage vibe.

A striking and beautiful houseplant, it is defined by its deep green leaves accentuated by whitish or light green veins. The leaves are roughly serrated, and in some cases, the leaf color appears as an almost purple-green. Leaf shapes range from wide hearts to slim arrowheads, with textures from slick and glossy to thick and waxy.

Dimensions of Potted Plant: L x B x H ~ 6" x 6" x 10"
Growth Medium: Soil
Pot Description: Round Plastic Pot

Basic Care Guide

Light: Semi-shade with 2-3 hours direct sunlight

Water: Sparingly water on alternate plants

Feed: Organic fertilizer every month

Common Names

African Mask Plant, Alocasia Polly, Elephant Ear Plant, Amazonian Elephant Ear Plant

Native Region

South East Asia

Botanical Name

Alocasia Amazonica 'Polly'



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