Air Plant Pack (3 Plants)


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Air plants are the epiphytic wonders of nature that are so unique because they don't need to be planted. The Tillandsia family has many special plants that are fairly easy to grow and will bring an exotic element to your home plant collection. Yes, they can be grown indoors. No, they're not high maintenance. What's more? They have amazing (but rare) blooms and easily bear pups which you can propagate! The 3 air plants we deliver are -

1 x Spanish Moss

1 x Tillandsia 'Cotton Candy'

1 x Tillandsia Ionantha

How to Care for Air Plants

We've curated this pack keeping busy gardeners in mind, because none of these plants ask for too much. 

Light - Keep them in bright spot. A dark corner is no good for any plant. If you're one of the lucky few people who has sunlight at home, some of that's great. But even a well lit spot is good enough.

Water -

This is really the key thing to get right. Regular misting is great for these plants, and is a must if you live in a dry low humidity climate. If you think its too dry, giving it a bath about once a week ensuring that you remove any excess water from it after. The plant will not tolerate excess stagnant water on it.

Feed - pray any mild liquid feed on the plant every 15-20 days if you want to see quick growth. If not, chill, it will get some from the water you give it. Hence, don't use distilled water.

Does it come with a pot? No. It doesn't need one. 

Our regular customers will know that we also throw in your monthly fertiliser dose with each order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
R.O. (Mumbai, IN)

I recieved very well packed parcel with gud matured Air plants.

Spanish moss is bit withered though but I hv grt hopes it will survive too.

Will request you to help up with the pits as keep these beauties.I do not mind paying for d same.

J.K. (Guwahati, IN)
Highly recommended

Great product and I will surely recommend to others.

S.B. (Delhi, IN)


Prameela M g (Ernakulam, IN)

Air Plant Pack (3 Plants)

Mary Ebenezer (Chennai, IN)

Air Plant Pack (3 Plants)

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