8" Lava Resin Pot


Sale priceRs. 629.00


Resin pots add a ornate look to home decor. Our lava resin pots are shaped like a two layer beautiful mountain of volcanic rock and are ideal for growing any kind of plant baby and are a beautiful accent to any table or surface. As they have 2 openings, they are ideal for making landscapes of 2 or more plants. Though these resin pots can be used for general storage, each pot comes with a hole and the pots can easily accommodate succulents or any indoor plants. Our resin pots are high quality, unbreakable, durable pots with a unique design at an unbeatable price.


Longer Length - 8.5"

Shorter Length - 7"

Opening Diameter - 5"

Height - 6"

Weight: 600 g


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