8" White Sombre Planter

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Root Bridges offers an incredible selection of pots with stands to elevate your plants. You can use these brass finish pots as a piece of your decor due to their elegant finish and old world charm.

These pots for desks come with optional stands so you can place the planter on the floor or table top, or with the stand.

Our metal planters are made from galvanised iron that is strong and durable. The planters are painted with powder-coated paint that will protect the galvanised iron from rusting. It will also prevent the colour from fading. If maintained properly, these brass finish pots will last for more than 5 years without losing their beauty. 

Set up a home garden and bring fresh and clean air into your house and enhance the aesthetics of your home with these beautiful metal pots.


Diameter: 8"

Height: 8"

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